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May 15th, 2024

Are your hardwood floors repairable, or do they need to be replaced? As hardwood flooring experts in New York and now Florida, we have years of experience helping people determine a proper course of action when repairing their hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are designed to be solid and durable. However, they can reach the point where they are beyond repair and must be replaced. Here are the most common instances where hardwood floors are beyond repair.


As we discussed in a previous article, termites can be big trouble for hardwood floors. However, not all termite damage means a complete replacement for your hardwood floors. If the damage is superficial and not extensive, or, if termites only damaged certain parts or planks of hardwood, they could be repaired. Most of the time, when termites attack a hardwood floor, they usually will need to be replaced. A licensed hardwood flooring expert can help you determine the best course of action regarding termites.

Cracked And Broken Wood

Hardwood floors are expected to shrink and expand throughout the calendar year. In seasons of heat and moisture, your floors will expand. In the winter, they will shrink. Shifts in the size of the cracks between the planks do not necessarily indicate anything is wrong. However, cracks and splits in the boards usually suggest that a part of the floor will need to be replaced. Some small cracks and breaks can be glued back together, but most large splits in a particular board will require replacing it.

Cupped And Buckling Planks

Hardwood floors react severely to different humidity levels in their environments. In homes and homes with excess moisture or an extreme lack of humidity, weird things can begin to happen. Cupping and buckling are when the individual hardwood planks begin to burl and buckle due to their environment. The first step to take when you notice something like this is happening is to bring the humidity level of the hardwoods back to a normal level. Sometimes, the wood will flatten back out. However, planks will generally need to be replaced if cupping or buckling gets too bad. We suggest giving someone like us a call as soon as you notice your hardwood floors beginning to take on an unnatural shape. Getting the issue corrected quickly and effectively can save you time and money.

We Are Here To Help!

Most issues that would cause your hardwood floors to need to be replaced can be remedied if acted on quickly enough. Scheduling a consultation is free and could save you a ton of money and heartache. If you are in New York or Florida, please don’t hesitate to call with any of your hardwood flooring needs!