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About Us

about Eagle Hardwood Flooring LLC was established in 2001 by owner Thiago Lima a wood flooring technician specializing in all types of Brazilian wood floors. Born in Brazil, the country where a majority of the high quality wood floors originate, he has acquired special skills and techniques that he implements in his work to make wood floors stunning and flawless. He has extensive experience working with all of the different species of wood, most of which are found in the Brazilian Amazon Forest. His exceptional knowledge and passion for wood bring innovation, beauty and dreams to life under the feet of our customers. His love for what he does is kept alive by the long-term satisfaction of our customers who are delighted with the long life and durability of the finishes of our floors that only Eagle Hardwood Flooring can deliver. His company was founded on a simple vision: to provide quality hardwood flooring at fair prices, and help people maintain the look of their floors for years to come. During Eagle’s earlier years, Thiago worked tirelessly by himself to provide the highest quality floor sanding, installation and repair. His hard work paid off and the company began to grow, acquiring multiple professional crews and people. Over the years, Eagle was able to expand our services to Fairfield County, Rockland County and Westchester County New York.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

At Eagle, we emphasize production, perfection and customer satisfaction — no matter what the job, we ensure that our crews to the best job. Our team is dedicated to providing detailed and honest work. It is our mission that when you choose Eagle Hardwood Flooring, you will never use a different flooring company again. So don’t wait — if you’ve been looking for a capable, fully insured hardwood flooring expert, you’ve come to the right place. Consider Eagle for your next project. We look forward to serving you.
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