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May 15th, 2024

1. Sweep Or Vacuum Hardwood Floors

The first step in cleaning your hardwood floors will be sweeping or vacuuming. You must clear your floors of crumbs, dust, and dirt. Traditionally, sweeping would be the best way to clean up the debris from your hardwood floors. However, there now are many vacuums with soft bristle brushes that can begin the cleaning process quicker and more efficiently than sweeping.

2. Mop Hardwood Floors

Next, you must clean up any grime, gunk, or mess that can’t be swept or vacuumed. You will need a microfiber mop and floor cleaner designed for hardwoods. Gently dampen your mop, being sure not to oversaturate your floors. Too much liquid can be damaging to your floors. Make sure you mop along the wood grain for the deepest clean.

3. Revitalize Your Floors

Even the most careful homeowners will accumulate scratches and scuffs on their hardwood floors over time. Once your hardwood floors have been swept and mopped, you can better understand your floors’ actual condition. At this point, using a liquid scratch concealer and floor polish can really make your floors pop. There are tons of great products out there; be sure to buy something that matches the color of the stain that your hardwoods were finished with.

4. Maintain Your Floors

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but keeping on top of keeping your floors clean, will keep them healthier and ultimately last much longer. Avoid only doing deep cleans when your floors get filthy. Dirty floors that need attention will need serious work much sooner and more frequently than happy and clean floors!

5. Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are designed to last a lifetime when properly maintained. However, all homes have unique and specific needs to keep their floors in good shape. Do you have pets that could scratch and stain your floors? Check out this article on how to keep your floors safe from dog-related issues. Do you have children that are rough on your floors? Consider using large area rugs where most of their play happens. Are there areas of your home that see a lot of foot traffic? Be sure to properly use runners and floor mats to keep unnecessary wear and tear to a minimum. The list can go on and on, but all the time and effort you give to protecting your hardwood floors will pay off in the end!

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