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May 15th, 2024

Are hardwood floors expensive? The cost and value of installing hardwood floors is a personal matter unique to each individual. However, we can compare the prices of hardwood floors to two other popular flooring options: carpet and vinyl.

Genuine Hardwood Floors

The current cost for hardwood floors is between $6-$18 per square foot. However, this price includes the cost of materials and labor costs to have them installed. The average cost for materials, which consists of the floors themselves, is between $3-$10 per square foot. There are more expensive types of hardwood floors, but $3-$10 is a good rule of thumb for current hardwood flooring prices. Genuine hardwood floors can be challenging to install, but possible. However, unlike other types of flooring, correctly installing genuine hardwood floors is crucial in maintaining their health and longevity. Cutting the labor cost or eliminating it is only a good idea if you have real experience with their installation.


The current average cost for installing carpet is $5-$11 per square foot. This includes both materials and labor. In almost every case, installing carpet will be more affordable than hardwood floors. Carpet installation is more straightforward. Labor costs are less expensive than hardwood floors. We are seeing a resurgence in demand for carpet in individual rooms of many homes today. Even if you decided to only carpet certain rooms of your home, going with carpet would lower your expenses.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring falls between genuine hardwood and carpet for its price. With an average installation cost of between $5-$14, it is a common choice for people who want the look of hardwood floors but are trying to cut costs. There are many types of vinyl flooring at many price points. For example, luxury vinyl can become expensive, whereas peel-and-stick vinyl is cheaper than carpet. You should talk to a flooring specialist about your budget and expectations when considering using vinyl for floors.


Is hardwood flooring expensive? Yes and no. Genuine hardwood floors are usually the most expensive option for flooring. However, there are many reasons why genuine hardwood floors are the best long-term financial decision. Hardwood floors will almost always last the longest of all your floor options when adequately maintained. Hardwood floors are also one of the best ways to increase the value of a home or property, as they are still seen as being valuable by potential buyers.

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