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April 3rd, 2024

Does your home have old carpet, or do you have a gutted fixer-upper needing an affordable floor fix? Flooring takes a large part of the renovation budget for any home or business, costing upwards of $6 to $18 per square foot, including labor costs generally. Hardwood floors are a staple luxury that many consumers crave. With their high durability and style, hardwood floors are typically one of the first things that should be upgraded in a home.

Here are the three most affordable ways to upgrade to hardwood floors.

Option 1: DIY

If you are physically able and willing to do the work, you can reduce the cost of hardwoods by half. Yes, that’s correct. The labor cost to install most hardwood floors is typically more than the floors’ price.

Option 2: Material selection

If you want the look of hardwood but not necessarily the expense, reconsider the material. Luckily, there are several budget-altering adjustments that can be made by selecting a thinner, lower-grade species. Frequently, more affordable types of wood can be very similar in appearance.

Using engineered hardwood flooring is a popular way to get natural hardwood floors for much less money. This material is a hardwood veneer attached to plywood or pressed wood. Installing engineered hardwoods can be an easy DIY install, depending on your skill level and access to tools.

Purchasing thinner material is another way to reduce your cost. For example, using a lighter, 5/16″ board will cost less than the traditional 3/4″ hardwood materials.

Low-grade materials may be another way to save money. For example, some manufacturers produce different tiers of wood that reflect the quantity of the wood’s grain, texture, and pattern on a board.

Option 3: Plan for the finish line

If a do-it-yourself installation is something you are planning, consider the finishings before selecting your wood type. Tongue and groove wood is more practical for the everyday DIYer. You should consider using prefinished materials if you are not an expert in finishes such as polyurethane or resin. When using prefinished boards, once the last panel is in place, it’s over! If your hardwood doesn’t come finished from the factory, there is an additional process to work on after your floors are laid. This should be considered when budgeting for more affordable flooring options.

You should always reach out to a professional for an opinion on the extent of the project and the expenses required for completion. Often, budgets and expectations can be unrealistic without the help of experienced professionals. If you are in New York or Florida, we would love to help you with any of your hardwood flooring issues. Call us today!